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Simply claim the best slot welcome bonus in 2 minutes, it doesn't take much time. otso supports all applications and it's easy to claim promotional bonuses, this is the age of internet, you can use your computer at home to connect to the internet, go to otso and register as a member to claim the welcome bonus, if you want to claim more free credit bonuses, just follow the otso fan page, like If you want to receive more free credits, just follow the otso fan page, like and share it, top the post, and tag 3 of your friends to receive the "Free Experience Bonus", a bonus you won't see in other online casinos, so don't hesitate to go straight to the otso online casino and take a little time to sign up as a member.

Welcome bonuses that can be claimed

OTSO offers the best rewards to all slot fans, now just sign up for OTSO membership and log in to receive a 100% welcome bonus that can only be claimed once per new player.

The Best Cashback

Otso gives players the biggest help, you have the best cash back, no need to worry about your money going away when you bet in the game, side bets, draws, refunds, void bets or non-game related bets are not counted.

Otso Special Bonus

This is a special bonus for otso. If you deposit 100 pesos or more per day, you will get a chance to win. otso is a legal online casino in the Philippines with strict government regulations and regular audits by the Gaming Commission to make sure that all players are betting fairly here and don't worry about your transaction process being compromised.

Redeem 888 Rewards

The otso special rewards program offers the chance to win by making a daily deposit, only one promotion can be applied per deposit.

Make a daily deposit of 100 PHP or more and you will be entered into a drawing for 888 Rewards.

Prizes are available up to 888 PHP.